Social Impact Podcast with Lynn Davenport

Families Engaged and Back in the Driver's Seat

December 12, 2022 Lynn Davenport / Mary Lowe, Families Engaged Season 2 Episode 11
Social Impact Podcast with Lynn Davenport
Families Engaged and Back in the Driver's Seat
Show Notes

Mary Lowe is the cofounder of Families Engaged. The first half of the podcast, Mary and I gave a recap of our tour across Texas to Midland, 
Huffman, Houston, Cypress, Woodlands and other areas. Our mission is to train families on how to get engaged in the education of their children. There are myriad tools we can use to fight lawlessness with the law. 

When dealing with school board trustees, state board members and legislators, Mary said, “They don’t know what we don’t tell them.” So we are telling them what is really happening in our school districts. 

We train parents on how to file grievances, public information requests and how to recognize when they are being “delphied.”

We present solutions on how to build a bridge back to a classical model of education. 

Some advocate for an escape hatch through school choice vouchers using deceptive semantics of “parent empowerment.” We believe the parental rights issue has been conflated with allowing education dollars to follow the child. Our rights as parents come from God. Mary and I understand the trojan horse of school choice legislation and discussed the nuances around language being used to promote school choice bills in the upcoming 88th legislature. 

Regardless of your stance on school choice, we are paying for public education through our property taxes. School board trustees, state board members, the TEA and legislators have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers to ensure our money is going to students and teachers, not special interests, consultants and technology vendors.

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