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LawyerEd Up in Texas - Who is Walsh Gallegos?

October 31, 2022 Lynn Davenport / Mary Lowe, Families Engaged Season 1 Episode 9
Social Impact Podcast with Lynn Davenport
LawyerEd Up in Texas - Who is Walsh Gallegos?
Show Notes

Walsh, Gallegos, Trevino, Kyle & Robinson is a law firm deeply entrenched in the Texas education landscape. They are often hired by school districts to fight parents advocating on behalf of their students with special needs. Districts use taxpayer dollars to lawyer up against parents who demand services under the law which are FAPE and IDEA rights. More than 70% of school districts in Texas enlist the help of Walsh Gallegos to undermine parental rights. 

Walsh Gallegos was also a primary player in helping school districts uphold an arbitrary cap on special education students that was set in 2004. The Houston Chronicle did an exposé on the cap in 2016 called Denied

In October, Mary Lowe of Families Engaged went before the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) to alert them about Walsh Gallegos. She uncovered a presentation given to Region 15 Education Service Center (ESC) by Walsh Gallegos. The presentation was designed to teach districts how to skirt Senate Bill 3. Her testimony can be found here

Jim Walsh of Walsh Gallegos is a political donor to the Democrat party and can be found on Twitter. Perhaps he needs to be reminded of the Texas Lawyer’s Creed

Mary and I closed with tangible solutions to fix public education in Texas. To start a chapter of Families Engaged in your area, contact Mary Lowe at

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